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Monday25 March 2019

Law Of Attraction

Dreaming big is anybody’s choice. But, how many out there are really daring to dream big? Asks Tarun Ahuja, the globally acclaimed professional trainer.Known for his pragmatic approach to deliver high voltage trainings, he is today, one of the most sought after trainers in the Indian corporate sector. Having delivered high impact training programs to the staff of British Airways (India), HAL, Jockey, Indian Army, Nitesh Estates, Airtel, Saint Gobain, TTK to name a few, he is now looked at by several other leading corporate giants in the Country. Tarun Ahuja International is recently certified by International Coach Federation, signalling

You will discover

  •  The personal practices and habits of spectacularly successful people
  •  Potential ideas to move your organization (or your personal life) towards GREATNESS.
  •  Revolut ionary tact ics for achieving PEAK PERFORMANCE in all key areas of your life.
  •  How to attract true wealth (how to apply law of attraction) with real happiness.
  •  Specific strategies to turn setbacks and failures into OPPORTUNITES.

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